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Monday, October 13, 2014

It’s Cold & Flu Season---Vitamin D and Its Possible Health Benefits

It Started as a Friendly Discussion About Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis runs in my family and it’s something I hope to avoid.  During a friendly discussion a  friend advised me, nearly three years ago, about the importance of Vitamin D for our bodies.  She mentioned studies that reported how essential Vitamin D and Vitamin C are to bone health.  Sun exposure is the ideal way to obtain Vitamin D, but sometimes it’s not possible to be outside enough to gain the benefits of Mr. Sunshine. 

What Do You Know About Vitamin D http://www.bonniesheartandhome.com/2014/10/its-cold-flu-season-vitamin-d-and-its.html #vitaminD #alternativehealth #osteoporosis #colds #flu #cardiovascular #DNA  #immunesystem #affiliate

I Did Some of My Own Research About Vitamin D

I did some of my own research and decided that it couldn’t hurt to start ingesting it.  I purchased * Carlson Labs Solar D Gems Naturals Vitamin D3 with Omega-3 4000 IU . What I read suggested taking 8,000IU during the fall/winter months because of our decreased exposure to sunlight.  4,000IU was recommended during spring/summer. 

*I am an Amazon Affiliate.  That means I make a commission when someone makes a purchase using my referral link.  All opinions and text are my own.  Being an affiliate doesn’t influence my opinion.

Upon my next visit to my nurse practitioner, she said she wanted to check my Vitamin D levels because Vitamin D deficiency is a pandemic in the United States.  I told her the Vitamin D protocol I was already following:  brand and dosage---and she approved. She was very pleased with my test results when they came back, as was my chiropractor.

Carlson Labs Solar D Gems  4,000IU  http://www.bonniesheartandhome.com/2014/10/its-cold-flu-season-vitamin-d-and-its.html #vitaminD #alternativehealth #osteoporosis #colds #flu #cardiovascular #carlsonlabs #DNA #affiliate

I Learned That Vitamin D May Benefit in Multiple Ways

While studying about Vitamin D, I learned of other reported benefits. What I read said that having sufficient levels may help protect against:  autoimmune diseases, infections, diseases of the cardiovascular system and it may aid in DNA repair. 

Now that it’s cold and flu season, again, I’m making it a point to increase my dosage to 8,000IU, the dose my nurse practitioner approved for fall/winter.

Be Proactive When It Comes To Learning How to be Healthy

Sharing about natural health alternatives is something I enjoy doing, but I can’t stress enough the importance of researching things for yourself.  Don’t take my word, or that of others, for everything.  Be responsible for your own health!

I am not a doctor and this site is not intended to be used to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. It is for information purposes, only.  Please consult a health care professional prior to incorporating these products into a health care routine.

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Monday, October 6, 2014

Couponing: Part One

So, you're interested in learning how to save money when grocery shopping.  You've heard of couponing, maybe seen it on TV and you may have cut out some coupons in the past. There are some other factors that can help you save even more than just the amount written on the coupon.

Choose One Store to Learn the “CouponiCouponing Without Stress (Part One) http://www.bonniesheartandhome.com/2014/10/couponing-part-one.html #couponing #loyaltycards #couponpolicyng Ropes” and then Move on to Another

I want to first recommend that you determine at which stores you want to shop. Pick one store at a time to get the hang of couponing.  Each store has different couponing rules. For example: some stores double coupons; others don’t. It’s best to understand how to coupon at one store and get more bang for your buck, before moving on to learning the ropes at another store.

Obtain a Copy of the Store’s Coupon Policy

Next, go to the Customer Service Desk of that store and ask for the written coupon policy. Another option is to go to the store’s website and see if the coupon policy can be printed from there.  That piece of paper can be very helpful because sometimes cashiers aren't sure about the store's policies regarding coupons. You may need the written policy to nicely prove your point.  I've been in that position before.

Obtain a Store Loyalty Card

Lastly, ask if the store offers a Loyalty card at the Customer Service Desk.  Loyalty Cards are what you present to the cashier at the time you are unloading your groceries onto the belt to be rung up. They are the size of credit cards and sometimes you'll also be given a Loyalty Card that can be attached to your key ring--very handy. Technology now allows us to upload them to apps, I’ve recently downloaded Beep ‘nGo, which frees users from carrying them on a key ring.  One simply pulls up the store’s card from the phone app of choice and the cashier can scan it from the phone.    Using Loyalty Cards can help you buy items at sale prices, earn free gasoline, earn coupons for future purchases and download store coupons.  If you already have a Loyalty Card, please make sure the store has your current contact information on file.  You may be told to update your information by calling the corporate headquarters of the store or going online to update the information.  Either way, it's important to do.  If you don't, you risk missing out on some good deals coming in your mailbox (email or snail mail).

When A Shopping Experience Doesn’t Go Smoothly

Remember, if you run into a situation that you don't think was handled properly at the store, please call the corporate headquarters CSD (Customer Service Department) and share your experience. You'll want to jot down the names of those employees that you spoke with (at the store) so you can provide that info to the CSR (Customer Service Representative) with whom you speak.  There have been times when I've had to call a store's CSD and I've been told I was correct about an issue.  The CSR, in turn, called the store and spoke to the manager. The situation was rectified during my next shopping visit.   Just be calm.  That's very important.  You can catch more flies with honey than vinegar.

That concludes part one of my series.  I hope  it's been helpful.  If so, please consider following my blog.  You can receive my posts via email where it says “Subscribe Via Email” on the right sidebar, OR  follow via my RSS feed button OR the other social media buttons in my sidebar.

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Happy Couponing!!

Sunday, August 31, 2014

How to Organize Coupons…Couponing: Part Seven

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I’m jumping ahead of myself, a bit, with this post.  Blame it on the Back-to-School season starting up. 

I’m going to share with you how I organize my coupons. (Pics included!!)  I still have more ways to share about how to acquire coupons, but if you already have some lying around, you can start organizing them in a way that works for you.

Keep in mind that I’m showing you what works for me. It may not work for you.  It took me a few attempts, using different forms of organization, before I figured out my way.  Don’t get discouraged.  You’ll figure out what best suits you and your needs.

The Binder

Years ago, I purchased a Case-it Double Ring Binder.  This is why I mentioned that the Back-to-School season  made me write this post.  This is the best time to find binders at sale prices.  Forgive me for getting ahead of myself  but I do have your best interest at heart.  :-D   The coupon binder and the author  #binder #coupons #organize #frugality  http://www.bonniesheartandhome.com/2014/08/how-to-organize-couponscouponing-part.html                         The coupon binder and the author

In my binder, the rings on the left are for food items.  The rings on the right are for non-food items. 

Binder open to show two sets of rings  #binder #coupons #organize #frugality http://www.bonniesheartandhome.com/2014/08/how-to-organize-couponscouponing-part.html

Coupon Binder Pages and Index Cards…Why?

You will also need some coupon binder pages.  In each of the page pockets, you need to insert  index cards. Some may need to be cut down to fit the insert pockets.  This is going to allow the binder pages to hold twice as many coupons than if you don’t insert the index cards.  One can insert coupons on both sides of the index cards.  This enables the couponer to get more bang for their buck!Index cards inserted into coupon binder pages #indexcards #organize #binder #coupons #frugality http://www.bonniesheartandhome.com/2014/08/how-to-organize-couponscouponing-part.html

Post-It Tabs to Alphabetize

Next, I attached Post-It Tabs to the insert pages, labeled them alphabetically and then started alphabetizing my coupons.   I alphabetized based on the manufacturers of the products.  Some people organize their coupons by the type of product: i.e.:  Cleaners; Medicine; Baby Items; etc. 

Post-It Tabs on my coupon binder pages #frugality #binder #alphabetize #coupons #labels #inserts http://www.bonniesheartandhome.com/2014/08/how-to-organize-couponscouponing-part.html






The Final Touches to Make Shopping Easier 

Lastly, I stored pencil holders for binders in the middle.  I bought three of them and wrote a store name on each one.  I pull out the coupons  I will use while I’m making my shopping list and place them inside the pencil holder that is marked for that particular store.  It’s easier for me to do in advance instead of as I’m shopping.

Pencil holders for holding coupons I will use for my shopping trip #pencilholders #binder #coupons #organize #frugality  http://www.bonniesheartandhome.com/2014/08/how-to-organize-couponscouponing-part.html

That’s all I can think to share for now.  If I’ve missed including some information, please be sure to comment below and I can respond.  I hope this has been helpful to you.

Happy Couponing!!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Cancer and Lemongrass

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I found the article (below) to be interesting and informative.  I believe God put plants on Earth for a reason and if we feel led, we should utilize them. 

No, not everyone will have the same reaction, just like not everyone has the same reaction when taking medications.  Every person’s body chemistry is different from another’s and that is what determines what works for each person.  It’s up to each of us to do our own homework and determine what is best for us.

Fresh Lemon Grass Fields In Israel Become Mecca For Cancer Patients

Young Living Essential Oils Lemongrass  http://www.bonniesheartandhome.com/2014/08/cancer-and-lemongrass.html  #youngliving #yl #cancer #lemongrass #oiltestimonials Learn How Others Use Lemongrass Oil

To learn how others use Young Living Lemongrass Oil, visit:  Oil-Testimonials.  Yes, you need to register to be able to access the site, just like one does for facebook or twitter.  It is free. 

If you wish to purchase Young Living products, you can at:  Young Living

I am not a doctor and this site is not intended to be used to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. It is for information purposes, only.  Please consult a health care professional prior to incorporating these products into a health care routine.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Young Living Essential Oils and Why I Use Them

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Essential oils have interested me for a while and I’d like to share some of what I’ve learned about them and Young Living Essential Oils, specifically,  with you.

Essential Oils in Biblical Times

Essential oils were used in Bible times and are mentioned throughout the Bible over 600 times.  To me, that’s an impressive record!

How I First Heard About Young Living Essential Oils

I first heard about Young Living Essential Oils sometime around 1995.  The source who shared with me was reputable.  She had previously taught me things about improving my health and I valued her insight.  Young Living Logo  #youngliving #yl #Bible #essentialoils #oiltestimonials  http://www.bonniesheartandhome.com/2014/08/young-living-essential-oils-and-why-i.html However, I’m one to wait until I have a peace about something before I do it.  I wasn’t ready to start a new adventure with the oils until 2006.  That’s when I bought my first YL kit of oils and I’ve been using them ever since. 

Young Living History

The company was started by Gary Young, in Utah, in 1993. It now has farms/distilleries in six countries.  Gary used the oils, himself, after being in a serious logging accident. This led him to further study oils, start his own company and distill them. 

How Does One Use Young Living Essential Oils?

They can be used by diffusing into the air;  applying to the skin (some should be used with a carrier oil as they can be strong on some people and cause a burning sensation), in cleaning products; cooking; ingesting in various ways  (Note:  98% of essential oils in the entire world are adulterated and can’t be ingested.  Young Living oils are NOT in that group.) THIS IS HOW ONE CAN TELL IF AN  OIL CAN BE INGESTED: Look on the back of a bottle and see if it has the white box with the words:  “Supplement Facts”.  That’s what one sees on all edible packaged foods and it shows that the product has passed all government-issued testing that determines if something is edible or not.  On some YL bottles, there is a flap, that’s part of the label, that must be lifted up to see the Supplement Facts.
I love to learn how others use Young Living products and I found a site where others share just that.  Oil-Testimonials is a site containing a wealth of information!  Users must register---it’s free to do so---to use the site (like one does facebook or Twitter).  

Why do I like Young Living products? 

I have a few reasons: 
  • Quality of products:  Young Living ensures the fine quality of its products by overseeing production of them from Seed to Seal.  It’s a five-step process that covers: Seed,Young Living Seed to Seal Process #youngliving #yl #Bible #essentialoils #oiltestimonials  http://www.bonniesheartandhome.com/2014/08/young-living-essential-oils-and-why-i.html Cultivate, Distill, Test and Seal.  These oils     are unadulterated and that brings peace to my heart.  Click on “Seed to Seal” to learn the specifics about the process.    These steps and the extensive testing of the oils via gas chromatography ensure YL oils are of the purest quality.
  • Multi-purpose (more bang for your buck!): Some items can be used for multiple purposes, so customers receive more bang for their buck!  Let’s face it….not many products that we utilize for beauty and such can also be utilized for cleaning.  I love that about Young Living!  On a side note:  Young Living oils are like those found in ancient Egyptian tombs in that they don’t expire!
  • I’m earning free products when I’m placing an order!  There’s a program, through Young Living, called Essential Rewards.  One can choose to sign up as a Preferred Customer or as a Distributor.  As a Distributor, I can earn commission from the purchases of those who have signed up under me.  Upon ordering my free products from my Essential Rewards, I can pay for the shipping via my commission earnings, if I choose.

How to Become a Member of Young Living

Speaking of becoming part of the Young Living Family, there are two ways you can do so.  The following infographic shows the options one can choose from.
A Tale of Two Memberships #youngliving #yl #essentialoils #Bible #oiltestimonials  http://www.bonniesheartandhome.com/2014/08/young-living-essential-oils-and-why-i.html
If you decide you’d like to join Young Living, you may do so by signing up using this Young Living Sign Up Form.
Even if you don’t wish to be a Young Living member, I hope this post has enlightened you about shopping for essential oils and what to look for when doing so. 
I am not a doctor and this site is not intended to be used to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. It is for information purposes, only.  Please consult a health care professional prior to incorporating these products into a health care routine.

#Bible #Youngliving #yl #oiltestimonials

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Blogging…What’s It All About? Part 3

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This is the last installment in my series.  It covers promoting a blog post once it’s been published. Blogging..What's It All About--Part Three  #blogging,#graphics,#pictures,#picmonkey,#windowslivewriter,#categories,#labels,#proofreading,#edit,#hashtags,#socialmedia,#pinterest,#twitter,#facebook,#alternatetext,#alttext   http://www.bonniesheartandhome.com/2014/08/bloggingwhats-it-all-about-part-3.html


In my last installment, Blogging...What's It All About?  Part Two, I shared about renaming blog post graphics to match the title of a blog post. Doing so is changing the Alternate Text of the graphic.  Why is this important?  It’s important because it helps in reaching out to potential readers. 

Since I’ve connected my blog to Pinterest, readers can hover over a graphic and a “Pin It” button will appear.  The button can then be clicked and the graphic pinned to the desired Pinterest board of the reader.

Remember, I’ve already changed the Alternate Text of that graphic to the address of my blog post.  When that graphic is shared on Pinterest and clicked upon, the Pinner will automatically be taken to my blog post and can read it. 

More About Alternate Text

Including a detailed graphic description, along with the blog post address, in the Alternate Text helps those who aren’t able to view the graphic.  Perhaps they have vision problems and use a screen reader.  Maybe a slow connection is preventing the graphic from loading.  In these cases, a detailed description is very useful.

Using strong keywords in Alternate Text will increase SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for a blog.   Here’s what that means:  When someone types the keywords of their choice into Google Images (for example), any images that have those same keywords in their Alternate Text will be brought up for that person to choose from.  This can bring more traffic to a blog which is something we bloggers love to see! 

Making The Connection Between Blogs and Social Media

In some cases, social media platforms can be connected to each other.  Why would a blogger do this?  To save time!

My Bonnie’s Heart and Home Facebook Page is connected to my Bonnie’s Heart and Home Twitter Page.  Whatever I post on the Facebook Page appears on the Twitter Page, too.  That includes when I share my latest blog post.  My Pinterest page is also connected to my Bonnie’s Heart and Home Twitter Page.  As a side note, if you enjoy the content on my social media Pages, please “Like” or “Follow” the above-mentioned Pages.  :-)  You can also “Share” with your family and friends so they keep current on my postings.

Hashtags in Social Media

Hashtags were first used on Twitter.  Their usage has grown to include other social media platforms.  Their purpose is to categorize keywords so social media users can find more posts on the same said keywords. 

When I share on my social media platforms that I’ve published a new blog post, I include hashtags pertaining to topics covered in that blog post.  For this series, one of my hashtags is “#blogging”, so those searching for “#blogging” in the social media platforms I post in will see my “Share”.

Is Blogging for You?

There is more to blogging, but my goal has been to cover the basics in this series.  I hope that doing so informed and perhaps inspired some to start blogs of their own.  It’s a lot of work, but can be fulfilling. 

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Blogging…What’s It All About? Part 2

As I shared in my last post, “Blogging...What's It All About? Part 1”, I’ve decided to write about this topic as a series.  This is the second installment.  



I’m sure not all Blogging...What's It All About? Part Two http://www.bonniesheartandhome.com/2014/08/bloggingwhats-it-all-about-part-2.htmlbloggers put together a post in the same manner.  As I come back to work on my post after a break, I proofread it.  This, instead of only proofreading it immediately before publishing.  Doing so, allows me to see it with fresh eyes and to add new ideas since I last worked on it.


Pictures…Don’t Get Into Legal Trouble!

Are you serious?  There’s a risk of getting into legal trouble over a picture?  There surely is!  Some sites that offer pictures require payment.  Others require that users cite who the photographer is. It’s very important to learn the rules of the site whose pictures you use.

Of course, there is always the option of taking your own pictures and using them. Then, there is no need to be concerned about  legal issues arising because of the previously mentioned reasons.

Photo Editing

My last subheading may have jumped the gun a bit, because you may question why pictures are necessary in the blogging world.  For one thing, they make the post more appealing, especially to visual learners.  I’m one of those! 

From another standpoint, especially with the introduction of Pinterest and Instagram, pictures are necessary to assist in promoting your blog. 

The choices of what program to use for photo editing are many.  Some are built into your computer like Windows Paint.  Others are on the internet and offer free services along with levels of service that must be paid for.  Picmonkey does the latter.  I purchased the upgrade and am enjoying experimenting with all the options to make my photos,and text-only pictures, more appealing.  The graphics that accompany this blog series are made with Picmonkey.

One thing I especially want to mention, while we are on the topic, is watermarking your pictures.  Here is a great Picmonkey article on that topic:  Tutorial: Claim Your Artistry by Adding a Watermark.

Categories and Tags

Categories (or Labels) help organize a blog into topics. If you look at the word “Label” at the bottom of this post, you’ll see the word “Technology” . You will be able to click on “Technology” and all the other posts with that label, or category, on my blog will appear for you to read.

Tags serve the same purpose…a way to find other posts, in the blog, about the same topic. 

I’m in the process of organizing my Categories and Tags in a new way, so please excuse the mess. :-)

Before Pushing That “Publish” Button

It’s almost time!  Almost time to push that “Publish” button and place your creation on the web for all to see.  At this point, I’m proofreading, (again), and making changes prior to the big moment. 

When I’m satisfied, I push the button on the platform I use to compose my posts (Windows Live Writer) and it’s then magically available for your reading enjoyment on my blog. 


You probably thought I was finished writing about pictures.  This is important stuff, though and you’ll find out why in my next installment in the series. 

Once my post is published, I go to my blog and locate the web address for that specific post (not the whole blog, but the specific post).  I then come back to Windows Live Writer and click on any graphics in said post. I enter a description of the picture and the blog post address in the space marked “Alternate Text”.  Next,  push the “Publish” button, again.  My graphics now have the blog post address and a picture description associated with them.

EDIT: The Alternate Text has a few other tasks, which I will cover in, “Blogging…What’s It All About?  Part 3”.

It’s time to close this installment of my series about blogging.  Hopefully, it’s giving you a little insight into the life of a blogger.  Next installment, I’ll share about promoting a blog post on social media.