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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Let the Adventure Begin!!

So begins my new adventure!
Welcome to my new blog.  It's still in the beginning stages, but it's started.  That is amazing, to me, in itself.
If anyone  had told me a year ago
that I'd be an author in the world of blogging, I'd have thought them crazy.  Techno stuff isn't my forte. 
After many requests to know how I organize coupons and how I coupon as a whole, I thought that I could write all the information on a blog and refer people to it. 
Attending the Savvy Blogging Summit helped me open my eyes and see what passions, besides saving money & time, I wanted to write about.  This blog is the result.  Home management issues will still be covered, but I will be adding other items, too, as I go along. 
Pull up a seat, have some coffee or tea and stay awhile.  We can learn from each other. 

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