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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Cellfire-Coupons Without the Clipping

What an awesome concept!!  You can have coupons without clipping them out.  :-) 
Cellfire is the premier destination for valuable savings on groceries, shopping, restaurants, and entertainment. Get access and use offers from your PC and/or mobile phone. This service is provided free of charge
to all users.* Our retail partners sponsor the offers and discounts -- at no cost or obligation to you. With Cellfire, you'll never have to print, clip, or forget your coupons again!
Once you sign up (please put me as the person who referred you), you can browse for businesses, (via zip codes), in the areas where you live, work or play.  See what businesses you’ll use and click on their coupons.  They can be added to that businesses store card or to you mobile phone. 
Below are Cellfire Frequently Asked Questions.  If you think of one that isn’t on the list, leave it as a comment for this post and I’ll send it to Cellfire:
Cellfire FAQ

Q: Do Cellfire Coupons double?
A: No, Cellfire coupons do NOT double.
Q: Can I use a paper coupon with a Cellfire coupon?
A: Though it may be possible, we don’t encourage the use of a paper coupon with a Cellfire coupon.
Q: Can I use another electronic coupon (Shortcuts, P&G E-Saver, etc.) with a Cellfire coupon?
A: No, only one electronic coupon is allowed per item.
Q: If I’ve already saved a particular grocery coupon through the Cellfire site and/or Cellfire mobile, can I save it again from the ad?
A: No, if the coupon has already been saved, you will not be able to save it a second time.
Q: I accidentally saved a coupon to the wrong savings card. Is there any way to transfer the coupon to a different card?
A: No, once the coupon has been saved, it cannot be moved from card to card.
Q: My Cellfire coupon did not come off at checkout. What can I do?
A: Please let us know by contacting Cellfire customer service through “Contact Us” on the Cellfire website. Your submission will be read in the order that it is received.
Q: I have two of the same coupon (with different expiration dates) saved to my account. Can I use both of them in one transaction?
A: No, the checkout system only allows one coupon code per transaction. To have your 2nd Cellfire coupon apply, ask the cashier to ring up your secondary items as a separate transaction.
Q: Can I remove a grocery coupon after it’s been saved?
A: Grocery coupons cannot be removed unless they expire or are used with a purchase at the store.
Q: How many grocery coupons can I save to my grocery savings card?
A: You can save up to 50 coupons to your grocery savings card.


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