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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Couponing: The Most Important Thing To Do Before Shopping

Can you guess what it is?  Think really hard.


That's right, pray!!  Start by thanking God for providing you with
the funds to shop.  Then, remembering that all of our money is actually His, ask him to help you spend it wisely.

Earlier this year, I needed to buy a formal gown for a ball that my hubby and I were invited to.  One thing that I really do not enjoy is clothes shopping.  Nothing ever fits me properly and I dislike trying on item after item with a passion.

I decided that I was going to go into one of our local thrift stores.  Before doing so, I asked God if he would show me a dress right off the bat that was comfortable and the color green.

Upon entering the store, I turned to my left and found the formals.  There was a green one that looked rather comfy.  I carried it to the fitting room all the while asking God, "Please let this be the one, Lord".  Slowly, I put the dress on and it fit perfectly.  Can you imagine how I felt?  At that moment I was reminded that God loves me so much and cares even about the little things in life.
It was even sweeter when the cashier told me that I owed $3 and change for a dress that was marked at $12.00.  :-D

The next time you go shopping, remember the first step:  Pray!!
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