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Monday, August 23, 2010

How to Save on Prescriptions

Whether you have insurance or not, there are ways to save on prescriptions:
1.  When you go to the doctor and you're told that you need a prescription medication, ask for samples.  Also, ask the doctor if he/she
has any coupons for the medications that you need.  Remember, pharmaceutical reps stop in all the time and leave samples and coupons with doctors.  They are depending on those samples and coupons to be given to patients as a way to advertise their company's products.  Don't be bashful--ASK!!!
2.  Look for pharmacy coupons in the grocery store ads.  I know that my CVS will accept Transferred and New Prescription coupons from CVS competitors.  I can walk into CVS with a prescription coupon from Kroger and CVS will accept it.  YMMV (Your mileage/manager may vary) so ask the pharmacy technician/pharmacist before getting your prescription filled.
3.  If you are taking a prescription on a regular basis, see if having it filled in a 90 day quantity will be more cost effective for you.  Our insurance company recommends that we do it that way to save money and it saves time in that we don't have to keep running to the pharmacy for refills.
If anyone else knows of ways to save on prescriptions, please add a comment to this post.


  1. Wonderful, that's precisely what I was shooting for! You just saved me alot of digging around