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Monday, August 23, 2010

Our Version of a Griswold Family Vacation

This entry was originally posted on my old blog “The Coupon Junkie”.  Comments from that blog are included.
I always say that God has a sense of humor.  This past weekend, He must have been having a laughing fit while watching us:
    It started out innocently enough.
  We were driving down Hwy 90, through Broussard, Louisiana, on our way to Morgan City, Louisiana. Saturday night’s Krewe of Galatea Mardi Gras ball was in our future and we were looking forward to it.   It had been raining cats and dogs but hubby had insisted on driving even though he had a minimal amount of sleep. 
    Then…IT happened.  We heard a sound that put fear in our hearts.  It sounded as though we had run over metal items in the road.  Upon viewing the scene behind us in our mirrors, we were relieved to see that there was nothing in the road that we could have run over. 
A red traffic light ahead caused my hubby to hit the brakes, but nothing happened.  He skillfully maneuvered the van into the median without hitting anybody. That hedge of protection that I prayed around our vehicle really helped. :-)  When he tried to go forward to straighten it out, the car couldn’t go forward.  Reverse was the only direction that it could go.  Were we now in the dreaded situation of having to dump our 1999 Chevy Venture, with just over 100,000 miles, due to a transmission issue?  Laissez les bon temps rouler (Cajun-French for “Let the good times roll”)  <said with sarcasm>.
    Our oldest child has AAA, so she called a wrecker.  They weren’t sure when they would arrive.  They suggested that we call Enterprise to get a rental for five people and all of our luggage.  We knew that we needed a large vehicle, but there weren’t any available.  Keep in mind that this is the time of year when people are renting cars to attend Mardi Gras festivities AND Toyota had just announced a recall because of a gas pedal issue with their cars.  Enterprise had to remove the Toyotas from their fleet of rentals which made fewer cars, overall, available. Other rental agencies were experiencing the same issue. 
    Enterprise said they could bring a small car to pick up some of us and that an SUV would be available later that day.  Shortly after making those arrangements, the wrecker showed up.  Hubby told the driver what happened  and he thought that it sounded like a brake issue.  Mmmmm, that sure would be cheaper than a transmission or a new car. :-)  Our two daughters and I went to Enterprise with Cory Hebert, (one of our guardian angels that we met that day), to fill out paperwork for the rental.  Hubby and our son accompanied the wrecker driver and took the car to Chabill’s which is a locally owned car repair shop.
    The wrecker driver knew what he was talking about.  It was a brake issue.  A  caliper bolt would remedy the situation, but Chabill’s didn’t have that bolt available at that shop.  They had to call their other locations and have someone deliver one.  Once the diagnosis was confirmed, Hubby called me and told me to cancel the rental car. It would be about an hour before the bolt arrived and Hubby would come pick us up.   Do you think that Cory kicked us out of Enterprise?  No way!!!  He offered us seats and offered to take us over to Chabill’s when another employee returned to take over the Enterprise office responsibilities.  We took him up on the offer to hang out and wait for Hubby to arrive.  Later, we ventured to a grocery store and picked up some food.  At 5:45, I received a message from Hubby saying that it would be about 30 minutes longer than anticipated for the bolt to arrive. Enterprise was closing at 6:00.  The girls and I headed back to Enterprise and asked Cory if his offer to drive us to Chabill’s was still good.  He said that it was and he drove us over in his own car.  We arrived just as the finishing touches were being put on the van.  Chris Alcala, (another guardian angel),at Chabill’s, had taken care of Hubby and my son throughout the afternoon and stayed after the shop closed to make sure that we were safely on our way to Morgan City.
    Other things came up over the weekend to make us wonder what God was trying to teach us, but after Friday’s experiences, they were the small stuff that we hear spoken of so often.  Thank God!!!
    At this time, I’d like to acknowledge the companies, and individuals,  that went the extra mile to help us during a stressful time.  Thanks to all of you for taking care of us: 
1.  Cory Hebert
     Enterprise Rent-A-Car
     1004 Albertson Parkway
     Broussard, LA  70518
2.  Chris Acala
      Chabill’s Tire Service
     110 Verot School Rd.
     Lafayette, LA  70508
3.  Dan and Karen Gray—They are our friends who invited us to the ball.  Dan offered to make a 40 min. drive to pick some of us up and bring us to Morgan City.  Karen gave me the phone number to Chabill’s so that we could get the ball rolling on the repairs.  Love ya!!
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stacia said...
Thank God for these kind people!! :D
February 3, 2010 5:48 PM


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