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Monday, August 9, 2010

Yogurt Cheese Recipe

When I first read about yogurt cheese, it was in one of Tosca Reno’s Eat-Clean Diet  books. I realized that she was sharing about something that was not only healthier to eat, but would allow me to get more bang for my buck.
  That always gives me a little high!!
Yogurt cheese can be used as sour cream, cream cheese or Greek yogurt.  Add some ingredients that one usually has on hand and you can have healthier alternatives to:  mayonnaise, (just add a tiny bit of vinegar) and  whipped cream, (a bit of vanilla and cinnamon will do the trick). 
Remember, yogurt cheese is a dairy product and must be refrigerated. 
Start out by purchasing a 32 oz. container of yogurt.  Tosca recommends  low-fat, but I like to use whole. 012  You’ll need a sieve/colander along with a piece of cheesecloth to line the inside of it. Also essential is a bowl that’s large enough to lift the sieve up from the bottom of the bowl and to catch the liquid, (whey), draining from the yogurt.
013 Line the sieve with the cheese cloth.
014 Pour the yogurt into the sieve…
015 …and place the bowl & sieve in the fridge!!
How many hours you allow it to drain determines the end consistency.  I drain mine for 24 hours, which makes is similar to  cream cheese.  If you drain it for 4-6 hours, it will be like sour cream.  The choice is yours.
Whey, (the liquid), can be used for other things, but I haven’t pursued that avenue. 
053 This last picture shows me spreading the end product on some multi-grain bread.  Yum!!
I recently read that various spices and herbs can be added to the yogurt prior to draining.  Search the internet and see how many variations of this recipe there are.  I think that you will find there are many, to suit all kinds of tastes. 
Until next time…

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