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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Katy Junk Removal

New Year’s 2012 is in a few days!  Is one of your resolutions to de-clutter your home or business?  Are you aware there are options, other than using a trash company’s services, to tackle your pile of trash?
  Katy Junk Removal may be just the ticket to make your cleaning task a lot easier while, at the same time, making your world cleaner. 
Katy Junk Removal will send a Truck Team to your desired location.  Once there, you’ll show them what you want removed.  They’ll then be able to tell you exactly what it will cost to load, clean-up the mess and haul your items to the local dump or to recycle them for you. (Keep in mind, the company isn’t licensed to haul away hazardous materials.)Once you grant them permission to complete the job, they will.  Does your trash company do all that?  No?  Mine doesn’t either. 
Make sure to look over Katy Junk Removal’s website to learn more about its services and its mission. It may be the perfect solution to accomplish your de-cluttering resolution for the new year.

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