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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Angel’s Perch: More Than Just a Movie

Some of us have a place we consider “Home”. It’s that town where we feel peace and comfort for whatever reason. I feel that in a little city in Ohio.  My dad felt it in a town called Cass located in “Wild, Wonderful West Virginia”.

Cass was where he started his journey of orneriness. It’s where he ran freely and learned about wildlife and plants. It’s where he and his nine siblings were raised and where some of my family still resides.  It was “Home” to him.
Angel's Perch
August 13th, 2013 at 7:30 pm, I will be attending the Houston, TX premiere of  the movie, Angel’s Perch.  The event page describes the movie as:  “A man returns to his small West Virginia hometown to deal with his grandmother's worsening Alzheimer's, only to find that his own painful memories are keeping him from moving forward in his life.”
Cass is the town depicted in the movie and it’s where the movie was filmed.  As some of you already know, my daddy suffered at the hands of Alzheimer’s, just like the grandmother character in the movie, and he passed away in May, 2012.   This movie hits closely to home for me.
My dad would be so proud to see his little hometown on the big screen.  I’m tickled to see it, but it’s also good to see that the main focus of the film is how family is affected by the ravages of Alzheimer’s. 
If you are in Houston and wish to see the movie, go here to find out the showing details and to reserve your ticket.  If you live elsewhere, you can view the list of showings on facebook, here.   One can also join the Angel’s Perch mailing list via the facebook page.  If a viewing isn’t listed near you, contact Angel’s Perch, on their facebook page, and ask about hosting a showing. 


  1. Interesting I had no heard about Angel's Perch yet. My Aunt and Uncle both just passed away, after suffering from severe cases of Alzheimer's. When you experience it firsthand you truly understand how much of an impact the disease has on everyone involved.

  2. Hi, Zanymomintx!

    Please allow me to extend my condolences on the loss of your aunt and uncle.

    I agree that until one experiences Alzheimer's, firsthand, they never fully understand what a toll it takes on all involved.

    Viewing the movie will be therapeutic, I believe, for me. Perhaps it can help you, too, to deal with your recent losses.

    Thank you for sharing.

  3. I haven't heard about Angel's Perch, but it sounds like a good (tear-jerking) movie!

  4. It does sound like one, SensiblySara. I first heard about the movie in April. When I saw it will be in Houston, I knew I had to go see it!