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Monday, August 5, 2013

Confessions of a Struggling Blogger

Disclosure: Possible affiliate links
Although I’ve had a blog for three years, I must admit I haven’t been consistent about writing posts.  My plan is to remedy this when I attend  the Blog Elevated conference next month.
My blogging adventure began when I started posting about couponing.  Couponing was (and still is) something in which I was enthralled and  I wanted to share my excitement and knowledge  with others.  People asked me the same questions over and over about coupons. Eventually, I realized it would be easier to write posts and refer people to my blog than for me to continue repeating the same answers.
Shortly after creating my first blog, I heard about monetizing and I thought it would be great if I could make a little bit of money while sharing my couponing passion with others.  At that point, it turned into a business. I still enjoy knowing  I’m helping people save money when I supply them with coupon links and little tid-bits about how to get more bang for their buck. 
Natural health and physical fitness is another passion of mine.  I’m a distributor for Young Living Essential Oils.  I’m not sure when it happened, but there came a time when I realized I could utilize my blog as an advertising platform.  I could share about the oils and refer my readers to my YL website so they could learn more and place orders.  Over time, my interest in physical fitness grew and sharing info about that seemed appropriate, as well.  While sharing what I’m doing to make myself physically fit, I hope to inspire my readers to take charge of their bodies and work out. 
Faith is my most important passion.  Without it, I wouldn’t be who I am today.  It’s something I’ve always depended on during both good and bad times.  God puts us in places and positions to help grow as people, but also to grow closer to Him.  I know Blog Elevated was created, in Houston, so I can develop relationships with other bloggers, learn about those topics with which I struggle and all without me having to travel to another state to attend.
What is holding me back from posting more?   Truthfully, it’s a two-fold answer:  Firstly, I’d have to say not being able to comprehend the technological side of blogging.  Speak of Google Analytics and SEO to me and my eyes glaze over.  My brain becomes overwhelmed to the point of anxiety and it shuts down.  I freeze up at the thought of missing out on some important step in the writing/publishing/social media aspect of blogging.  Being a visual learner means I do better seeing what needs to be done and not reading it.  When I read instructions, I can’t always comprehend them.  I believe a blogging conference will allow me to engage all my senses so I can learn more effectively.
Secondly, my concern of infringing (accidentally) on someone’s copyrights holds me back, as well.  
At this time, I limit myself to sharing tidbits about my passions on social media sites.  This is a “safe” and easy way for me to share with my followers. 
What I desire to gain at Blog Elevated is knowledge to take my blog to the next level AND to not be limited any longer. 

Disclosure: Possible affiliate links

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