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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Bulk Cooking: My Search for the Easy Way to Cook

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For years I’ve heard of variations of bulk cooking.  I even bought bulk cooking books, but I didn’t attempt to tackle the beast.  I always had an excuse, but I think the true reason was that I didn’t know if my family would like the meals. 

As the kids have become older, I’ve lost interest.  Something recently renewed that interest, though, without making me feel confined to following the book.   It allowed me freedom…The ABC's of Freezer Cooking by KM Logan.  <a href="" target="ejejcsingle">Click here to visit KM Logan.</a> KM'’s e-book provides tips, (yes, in ABC order),  to make bulk cooking easy and enjoyable.  I’ve been implementing some of her tips along the way and it’s made bulk cooking not be intimidating to me. 
She has included recipes by her readers (as this is a second edition of her book), including one by Yours Truly! 
Take a few minutes and visit KM's listing of other books she’s written.  She covers a variety of topics and you may find one that is just what you need.  Remember, they can be given as gifts, too, so browse with that in mind. 

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