Printables Update Every 10 Minutes

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

24/7 Access to Printable Coupons on Bonnie’s Heart and Home!

Disclosure: Possible affiliate links
As a way for my readers to have 24/7 access to printable coupons, I’ve added a feature to my blog. 

Printable Coupons (2)
Towards the top of each page, under the header and tagline, you’ll see the phrase “Printable Coupons Update Every 10 Minutes!”  Start scrolling the coupons directly under that phrase and you’ll find a large variety of coupons. 
Just bookmark my blog and printables will be available at a moment’s notice! 


  1. Thank you, so much! There will be some "appearance" changes, in the near future, to allow me to sell ad space. However, the theme will continue. :-)