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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Blogging…What’s It All About? Part 1

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Blogging...What's It All About? Part One
There are some people on this planet who think maintaining a blog is very simple.  I mean, what could be easier than writing whatever comes to mind and hitting the, “Publish”, button to put it on the internet?
For those who think it’s that easy, I’m here to tell you…it’s not!
It’s a process.  One that involves many steps.  Ask any blogger and they will tell you that you never learn all there is to blogging.  It’s an ongoing learning experience.  I was inspired  to write this post because I’m making a sort of “Cheat Sheet” of the steps.  Doing so will help me to cover everything as I compose my posts and then promote them on social media.

Let’s Get Started…Writing!

After deciding what they want to write about, a blogger begins writing the post.  It may be a topic they are well-versed in and the writing will come easily.  However, it may be something that needs researched and that can take time.  Lots of time.
The post is composed!  Yay! Let’s hit that “Publish” button.  Ummmm….no!  The post isn’t ready, yet.


Now, the blogger must go through and ensure they have used strong keywords---words that people will type into search engines when searching the topic the post is about.  Doing so will produce high rankings for the blog on search engines.  That, in turn, means more visitors to a blog and more money made by said blog.  This leads to my next subheading…

Affiliates?  What are Those?

If the blogger is an affiliate for a business, then linking to the website of that business is key to helping the blogger earn money.  That means providing a hyperlink to that business for the reader to click on.   Example:  I’m an affiliate for  Amazon has given me special codes to use when posting about items they sell on their website.   I will earn a profit whenever a person clicks on those codes, that take them to, and places an order. 
This: Nutiva products on Amazon.comis a hyperlink and is more appealing to the eye than: 
<a target="_blank" href="">Nutiva products on</a><img src="" width="1" height="1" border="0" alt="" style="border:none !important; margin:0px !important;" />
Both will take you to the same page and if you order after going there via my links (above) I’ll still receive credit, but the first has a neater appearance for the reader.
I’m going to end this post and share more about blogging in the next.  I feel that breaking it up into smaller chunks will help you to understand the job better and help you to see how much work is involved for a blogger.

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