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Sunday, July 13, 2014

How I shop at Dollar General…and Other Stores

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Shopping, in a frugal manner, requires some planning.  Below, are some tips to get organized for your next shopping adventure:
1.  Study your store ad and make a shopping list based on the sales and what you need.

2.   See if you have coupons for those items because: It’s nice to save with a sale; it great to save with a sale and a coupon!  Remember to look for printable coupons on my blog.  Click on a coupon below the phrase “Printable Coupons Update Every 10 Minutes” at the top of this page. You will then be taken to multiple pages of coupons that are organized under various categories.
You can also go to the store website (in this case: and print coupons.  It’s a great idea to also print a copy of the store’s coupon policy for reference.
3.  I use some smartphone apps  (some can also be used on the computer) to earn money based on my purchases.  For this purchase, I used Ibotta (I earned $1.50) and ReceiptHog (The user earns coins for submitting pics of their receipts.  Coins add up and can be redeemed for money or gift cards.
Above, is the receipt from my purchase.
Spent:  $37.63 (including tax)
Saved with coupons:  $10.30
Money made with Ibotta:  $1.50
Money made with ReceiptHog:  10 coins
Total savings:  $11.80
What I bought is pictured, above!
Yes, saving while shopping involves some work, but I think you’ll be pleased with the results! 
I hope this post has inspired you!

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