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Sunday, August 31, 2014

How to Organize Coupons…Couponing: Part Seven

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I’m jumping ahead of myself, a bit, with this post.  Blame it on the Back-to-School season starting up. 
I’m going to share with you how I organize my coupons. (Pics included!!)  I still have more ways to share about how to acquire coupons, but if you already have some lying around, you can start organizing them in a way that works for you.

Keep in mind that I’m showing you what works for me. It may not work for you.  It took me a few attempts, using different forms of organization, before I figured out my way.  Don’t get discouraged.  You’ll figure out what best suits you and your needs.

The Binder

Years ago, I purchased a Case-it Double Ring Binder.  This is why I mentioned that the Back-to-School season  made me write this post.  This is the best time to find binders at sale prices.  Forgive me for getting ahead of myself  but I do have your best interest at heart.  :-D   The coupon binder and the author  #binder #coupons #organize #frugality                         The coupon binder and the author
In my binder, the rings on the left are for food items.  The rings on the right are for non-food items. 
Binder open to show two sets of rings  #binder #coupons #organize #frugality

Coupon Binder Pages and Index Cards…Why?

You will also need some coupon binder pagescoupon binder pages In each of the page pockets, you need to insert  index cards. Some may need to be cut down to fit the insert pockets.  This is going to allow the binder pages to hold twice as many coupons than if you don’t insert the index cards.  One can insert coupons on both sides of the index cards.  This enables the couponer to get more bang for their buck!Index cards inserted into coupon binder pages #indexcards #organize #binder #coupons #frugality

Post-It Tabs to Alphabetize

Next, I attached Post-It Tabs to the insert pages, labeled them alphabetically and then started alphabetizing my coupons.   I alphabetized based on the manufacturers of the products.  Some people organize their coupons by the type of product: i.e.:  Cleaners; Medicine; Baby Items; etc. 
Post-It Tabs on my coupon binder pages #frugality #binder #alphabetize #coupons #labels #inserts






The Final Touches to Make Shopping Easier 

Lastly, I stored pencil holders for binders in the middle.  I bought three of them and wrote a store name on each one.  I pull out the coupons  I will use while I’m making my shopping list and place them inside the pencil holder that is marked for that particular store.  It’s easier for me to do in advance instead of as I’m shopping.
Pencil holders for holding coupons I will use for my shopping trip #pencilholders #binder #coupons #organize #frugality
That’s all I can think to share for now.  If I’ve missed including some information, please be sure to comment below and I can respond.  I hope this has been helpful to you.
Happy Couponing!!


  1. Thank you for explaining this wonderful way to organize coupons! The way you explained it seems so easy. I have always had trouble organizing my coupons...I can't wait to go get a binder and start saving! Rosemary

    1. I'm so happy my method of organizing may help you, Rosemary! Baby steps. No need to pressure yourself. You'll figure out what works for you. :-)