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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Young Living Essential Oils and Why I Use Them

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Essential oils have interested me for a while and I’d like to share some of what I’ve learned about them and Young Living Essential Oils, specifically, with you.

Essential Oils in Biblical Times

Essential oils were used in Bible times and are mentioned throughout the Bible over 600 times.
  To me, that’s an impressive record!

How I First Heard About Young Living Essential Oils

I first heard about Young Living Essential Oils sometime around 1995.  The source who shared with me was reputable.  She had previously taught me things about improving my health and I valued her insight.  Young Living Logo  #youngliving #yl #Bible #essentialoils #oiltestimonials However, I’m one to wait until I have a peace about something before I do it.  I wasn’t ready to start a new adventure with the oils until 2006.  That’s when I bought my first YL kit of oils and I’ve been using them ever since. 

Young Living History

The company was started by Gary Young, in Utah, in 1993. It now has farms/distilleries in six countries.  Gary used the oils, himself, after being in a serious logging accident. This led him to further study oils, start his own company and distill them. 

How Does One Use Young Living Essential Oils?

They can be used by diffusing into the air;  applying to the skin (some should be used with a carrier oil as they can be strong on some people and cause a burning sensation), in cleaning products; cooking; ingesting in various ways  (Note:  98% of essential oils in the entire world are adulterated and can’t be ingested.  Young Living oils are NOT in that group.) THIS IS HOW ONE CAN TELL IF AN  OIL CAN BE INGESTED: Look on the back of a bottle and see if it has the white box with the words:  “Supplement Facts”.  That’s what one sees on all edible packaged foods and it shows that the product has passed all government-issued testing that determines if something is edible or not.  On some YL bottles, there is a flap, that’s part of the label, that must be lifted up to see the Supplement Facts.
I love to learn how others use Young Living products and I found a site where others share just that.  Oil-Testimonials is a site containing a wealth of information!  Users must register---it’s free to do so---to use the site (like one does facebook or Twitter).  

Why do I like Young Living products? 

I have a few reasons: 
  • Quality of products:  Young Living ensures the fine quality of its products by overseeing production of them from Seed to Seal.  It’s a five-step process that covers: Seed,Young Living Seed to Seal Process #youngliving #yl #Bible #essentialoils #oiltestimonials Cultivate, Distill, Test and Seal.  These oils     are unadulterated and that brings peace to my heart.  Click on “Seed to Seal” to learn the specifics about the process.    These steps and the extensive testing of the oils via gas chromatography ensure YL oils are of the purest quality.
  • Multi-purpose (more bang for your buck!): Some items can be used for multiple purposes, so customers receive more bang for their buck!  Let’s face it….not many products that we utilize for beauty and such can also be utilized for cleaning.  I love that about Young Living!  On a side note:  Young Living oils are like those found in ancient Egyptian tombs in that they don’t expire!
  • I’m earning free products when I’m placing an order!  There’s a program, through Young Living, called Essential Rewards.  One can choose to sign up as a Preferred Customer or as a Distributor.  As a Distributor, I can earn commission from the purchases of those who have signed up under me.  Upon ordering my free products from my Essential Rewards, I can pay for the shipping via my commission earnings, if I choose.

How to Become a Member of Young Living

Speaking of becoming part of the Young Living Family, there are two ways you can do so.  The following infographic shows the options one can choose from.
A Tale of Two Memberships #youngliving #yl #essentialoils #Bible #oiltestimonials
If you decide you’d like to join Young Living, you may do so by signing up using this Young Living Sign Up Form.
Even if you don’t wish to be a Young Living member, I hope this post has enlightened you about shopping for essential oils and what to look for when doing so. 
I am not a doctor and this site is not intended to be used to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. It is for information purposes, only.  Please consult a health care professional prior to incorporating these products into a health care routine.

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