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Monday, February 16, 2015

Learning to Crochet…Finally

For many years the extent of my ability to crochet consisted of making chains.  Chains are an important part of crocheting.  They are the foundation of any project.  Over time, though, it became boring to only crochet chains.  That boredom led me to purchase books in the hopes of improving my skills. Alas, being a visual learner and attempting to learn via written instructions didn’t mesh.  I gave up the pursuit in frustration.

An Opportunity Presents Itself
Recently, I read of a few ladies, in a neighboring community, getting together to learn/teach crocheting and knitting.  To say I was interested was an understatement.  I was hoping this opportunity would allow me to learn an art that my grandmother practiced to create beautiful and useful items.
The information about the gathering partly consisted of what supplies we needed to bring:  Light-colored yarn to better see our stitches and a crochet hook.  Vicrochet supplies #crochet #suppliesola!  The opportunity had presented itself for me to enter a locally-owned business that caught my eye a couple years ago.  Already, I was in the area for an appointment and a luncheon date.  My Sister’s Yarn Shop  was right down the street from my activities!  My curiosity was satisfied as I made my necessary purchases.   The saleslady understood my desire to shop frugally.  She showed me a lovely lavender-colored yarn and “hooked” me up with a size H crochet hook, which you can see in the picture to the left:    As she was ringing up my purchases, she asked for my name.  I was hesitant to provide it, and she sensed that, so she explained why she was asking:  Each purchase I make will be entered into the store’s computer system.  If I should lose the label on the yarn, but wish to buy it again, the salesperson will have record of my previous purchases to ensure I buy the same product. Very beneficial!
Time to Meet and Learn
The same day of the evening meeting, I attended a funeral. I thought to myself that crocheting just may be the perfect way to de-stress.  About 15 ladies were in attendance.  Some brought extra supplies to share with us “Newbies”.  The degrees of knowledge and ability, pertaining to yarncraft , varied as much as the ages of the attendees. The common eagerness to create bridged together the age differences that were present in that room.  I sat next to a delightful gal, about my age,  named Elizabeth.   We chatted and crocheted during the 75 minutes our meeting lasted. When I needed help regarding what to do after crocheting my chain, she gently guided me. Elizabeth noticed I was struggling a bit, with the H hook, and suggested I try an I hook.  The change was a noticeable improvement and I was very appreciative. Before I knew itcrochet creation #crochet #creation, I was crocheting!  The smile on my face was huge as I’d met new people and learned to create beauty in the world…just like my grandma.  The picture to the right shows what I accomplished during that first meeting.  I’m so excited for us to meet, again!
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  1. Happy to see you crocheting. Bonnie, pretty design, I feel some of the text on your header is difficult to read.
    I think your post pictures should be larger. The email google+ and bloglovin could be made into the same social media buttons. Your email button should also be added to your page navigation. Just my opinion....

    1. Thank you, Linda.

      The blog is in the midst of design changes...some by a designer and some by me. Life has got in the way...illnesses and deaths...but some of the issues you addressed are in the works. :-)