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Monday, May 25, 2015

Usborne Book Review and Giveaway

Usborne History and More

Usborne Publishing was started in 1973 by Peter Usborne of England.  It’s also known as Usborne Books.  Peter’s passion has always been to provide educational books that don’t hurt a parent’s wallet.  In keeping with the times, he’s excelled at internet-linking over 400 Usborne titles in what’s called Usborne Quicklinks. These links can provide more information about the places/characters written of in Usborne books.  The Quicklinks feature saves much time when a reader wants in-depth information about the topic they are reading about, but doesn’t want to wade through numerous hits while doing an online search. 

As a homeschooling family, these books found their way into our home when the children were little.   To be
honest, I haven’t looked at an Usborne catalog for many moons.  Recently, I was approached by a distributor and asked to do a product review and giveaway.

Disclosure:  Even though I was given the Usborne products to review, all expressed opinions are 100% my own. #Usborne #Books #Review #Giveaway 1
I’m blown away by the various products in the catalog!  Materials are for those ranging in age from babies to 12 years and up.  I say materials, because not only books are sold, anymore.  Another name Usborne Books goes by is Usborne Books and More!

Check out the online catalog of Usborne Independent Consultant, Judy Thomas.  She also has a facebook Page at:  Usborne Books and More With Judy. There’s so much I can share about the company and it’s products, but I think viewing the catalog, at your leisure, will do it more justice.  It will allow you to look for items in specific age ranges that are important to you.  Also, you can read reviews of the products you are interested in to see if they will be a good fit for your family. 

Usborne Home Shows, E-Shows and Fundraisers

Keep in mind, Home Shows and Fundraisers are a part of the Usborne appeal.  Home Shows allow the hostess/host to earn free products based on the amount of sales the Show brings in.  Don’t feel like cleaning up the house for a Home Show?  Have an E-show!  Everyone comes to your party via the internet.  No straightening up the house, required. :-)   Fundraisers allow organizations to raise money by selling greeting cards. Usborne offers a fundraising service and it’s called: Cards for a Cause.  You can learn the particulars about Home Shows, E-shows and Cards for a Cause on Judy’s website!

A Review and a Giveaway of Usborne Products

A book that Judy sent me to review is Usborne Flowers to Color.  It’s the book I told her I was most interested in.  Yes, It’s a coloring book!  I find coloring to be relaxing and since I also like flowers, this book is a perfect choice for me.  Each flower picture provides facts about said flower.  There is also a colored picture, next to the un-colored one, that can be used as a coloring guide.  In case you are concerned about being an adult and needing an excuse to color, I have the perfect one:  Why Grown Ups are Embracing Coloring  She also sent me the book, Raven Queen by Pauline Francis.  I can’t give a personal review of this book as I didn’t read it.  My 16-year-old daughter did, though. She was enthralled by this interesting read about Lady Jane Grey and was lost in it for most of a day, until she completed it. She couldn’t put it down.  Her recommendation, though, and a couple that are on the Usborne Books and More reviews, is that it’s for a mature reader.  One reviewer mom said she loved reading it!  Don’t think these books can only be enjoyed by children!

I shared a bit about the two books Judy sent me.  Now, I’m giving you the opportunity to enter a giveaway which offers both of them to the winner.  This giveaway ends June 11 at midnight EST.  Judy will handle the delivery part of the books to the winner.  I’m handling the hosting of the giveaway along with powering help from Rafflecopter!  Please enter the giveaway, below!  Blessings to you!

Enter the Usborne Books and More Giveaway


  1. I love that adult coloring books are becoming a thing! The flower one sounds really cool!

    1. Isn't it great how the old ways come back and provide comfort, Bekah? :-)

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