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Monday, June 8, 2015

Len’s Excavating and Landscape Review Akron, OH

Disclosure:  I received no compensation for this review.  All opinions are 100% my own.


The Septic System Failed!

No one likes to fail, especially when it comes to a septic inspection.  Not sure if you know what that means, but in case you don’t, it means a LOT of money! Back in January of this year, I heard the word “Fail”. I knew that a process costing thousands of dollars was about to take place on the property that my parents owned and which held the home they built.
Paperwork that needs done prior to the installation can be cumbersome.  The company that did the inspection submitted paperwork to the county.  I started making calls to various septic installers, in the area, to line up estimates.   Little did I know that up North, cold temperatures cause many septic installers
to vacation from Christmas until well into March.  Many choose not to install systems during the winter.  I found two others companies, along with Len’s Excavating and Landscape, that continue to work during the winter months and obtained estimates.  We decided to go with Len’s.


A History Lesson About Len’s Excavating and Landscape

Len’s Excavating and Landscape was started in 1964 by Len Spada and is now owned by his son, Mike.  Mike grew up in the business and knows what it entails.  This was all new territory for me.  When I had questions, I asked and Mike answered.  He didn’t make me feel like my questions were silly.  He also understood that I needed to see things to understand them.  The trials of a visual learner.  LOL  He was present during the job to ensure things went smoothly.  He doesn’t sit in an office doing paperwork and manning the phones while his employees work.  If you call/text him when he is on a job, he will get back to you at his earliest convenience. #Septic #Installation #neohioblogger

The Journey to the Installation Was Long

I explained to Mike that the current system had failed inspection and I was waiting for contact from the county.  When I told him how long it had been since the paperwork had been submitted, he offered to do some investigating for me.  Turned out the inspection company hadn’t submitted the report to the county on the correct form, hence, the delay. Once that hiccup was taken care of, the rest of the paperwork process started moving along.

The next hiccup, though, was the weather.  Not only was the spring thaw taking place, but heavy rains began.  When the two combined, the sump pump plumbing went into overdrive and failed.  I had the waterproofing company we used last year return and they did a makeshift plumbing job which directed the incoming water from the basement to the backyard.  Did I mention that the house sits on a spring?  Yeah…so, add the thawing snow and intense rain to a spring and you have a LOT of water to deal with.  Sump pumps were running non-stop and saturating the back yard in which the new septic system would be installed.

I called Mike and asked him to come out to view the scene.  I didn’t know if the sump pump drainage would hinder what he had to do.  He and his assistant, Sam, evaluated the situation and said they could update the sump pump drainage plumbing and place the outside plumbing into the same trench the septic system plumbing would be placed in.  Yes, I’d pay extra for the inside plumbing labor, but digging the trench for the septic process, already, would help with the cost.

The job was done and things started improving, but there was still quite a bit of rain.  Mike said he doesn’t install until there have been at least three rain-free days, in a row, prior to the install.  He is always aware of upcoming weather because that’s how he plans what jobs he will work on. 

However, Medicaid doesn’t always understand such things.  They wanted my parents’ house sold ASAP.  I was receiving letters of Pre-Termination regarding my mom’s coverage.  I wrote a letter explaining that the house couldn’t sell without the new septic system being installed and the septic system couldn’t be installed until the weather cooperated.  My mom’s Elder Care attorneys stepped in and Mike was helpful in explaining the situation to them so they could pass on that information to Medicaid.


Finally!  A New Septic System

The weather cooperated and the installation took place. One concern I had was how long we wouldn’t be able to use the “facilities”.  I was amazed at the answer:  During the eight hour installation, we were told not to use water for 30 minutes.  That was it!  

For now, the ground is settling around the work site.  That takes a few months.  Mike has brought dirt over to fill in around the unit during the settling process.  Everything is peachy, in regards to the new septic system, and I’m working on other projects that need my attention. 

Thanks Mike and everyone at Len’s Excavating and Landscape.  Your expertise was greatly appreciated! 


  1. And the cost was? and what did that include?

  2. Many variable determine the cost of a septic system installation. Things like tank size, if it's fiberglass or concrete and what plumbing is necessary are some factors.

    Obtaining a free estimate, from Len's Excavating and Landscape, ensures all those factors, and any others, are taken into account.

  3. Thanks for the review. I will be sure to keep them in mind if/when we need work on ours.