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Friday, July 17, 2015

Earn Money With Ibotta and Physician’s Formula

One way that I earn money back for some of my purchases is by using a rebate app called Ibotta.  The Ibotta site best explains what Ibotta is all about:  “Ibotta is a free app that pays the consumer cash for their everyday purchases. It’s even better than coupons and it allows for users to receive cash back by completing simple tasks and verifying their purchases. Whether it’s online outlets, retailers or grocery stores, Ibotta caters to every consumer’s taste.” I’ve been using it for a little over a year and find it to be an easy way to earn money.  Recently, Ibotta approached me and asked if I was interested in becoming an affiliate.  I gladly accepted the offer and want to share with you, today, about a deal Ibotta has with Physician’s Formula make-up until July 22, 2015.

Sign Up to Use Ibotta

physicians-formula_blogger-feature #physiciansformula #ibotta Firstly, here is my affiliate link to sign up for Ibotta.  *Disclosure: Even though I earn funds when people use my affiliate links, all expressed opinions of those companies are 100% my own. 
At this time, when you sign up, you’ll automatically earn $1.00 and I’ll earn $2.00. You can read the “How it Works” section of the Ibotta site to learn how Ibotta can help you earn money for your purchases!  This is a good time for me to share that you can choose to have your funds placed in your Paypal or Venmo account OR you can also take advantage of other Cash Out options such as gift cards from Starbucks, Itunes and more!

Ibotta Rebate on Physician’s Formula

My 16-year-old daughter has been talking about trying Physician’s Formula CC Cream (CC stands for Color + Correction) for awhile.  Today, I shared with her about an opportunity to buy it and receive pay from Ibotta.  We went to Target and bought not only the CC Cream, but also Physician’s Formula Custom Eye Enhancing Shadow and Liner.  Here is the link if you wish to save on Physician's Formula eye make-up.  This is the link to save on Physician’s Formula face make-up
When we returned to the house, I completed some simple tasks on the app, scanned the barcode of each item and submitted a picture of my Target receipt (I use a marker to color over the last four digits of my debit card before doing the last step). I earned $8.00 for the actual rebates, and a $2.00 bonus for completing the Physician’s Formula at Target Ibotta task.
Ibotta gave us the perfect opportunity to try products we’ve wanted to try, without paying full price.  Oh!  I forgot to mention that if you also have coupons for the products, they can be used at the time of purchase to save even more.  Target has a deal on their Cartwheel app to save 10% on various make-up brands  through July 18, 2015.  I used that at the check-out and saved at the time of my purchase.
Hopefully, this post has been informative and helped you on your path to frugality.  Happy saving!

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